Each summer, CHL runs a six-week summer program for children. As soon as plans for Summer 2014 are available, we'll post them here.

Previous Years’ Programs

Here are some of the things we have done in previous years’ programs:

Building a Bridge, Summer 2011 Summer 2011: Kids tried to answer the question, How does a house happen? Participants used hands-on activities to explore what kinds of homes people live in, what a house is made of, and what structures and materials make a house strong. The capstone project was to build a rope bridge between two trees in the Library park.

Photo Day, Summer 2010 Summer 2010: Kids “made a splash” at Cundy’s Harbor Library, learning about the various properties of water. Hands-on activities included learning why a concrete boat can float, making a whirlpool, and having fun with water balloons. Also, Guy Saldanha, from Harbor Works Gallery, hosted a Photo Day and taught everyone how to capture their own unique view of the world through a digital camera.

Summer 2009: What better way could kids “get creative at the library” than to make a movie? The result was Pirates at the Library!, shown at the Library Ice Cream Social that kicked off Cundy’s Harbor Days, and also broadcast on Harpswell Community Television.