The CHL catalog is moving to LibraryWorld

LW progress graph There’s a lot of after-hours activity at Cundy’s Harbor Library as we convert our catalog to a new Internet-based system called LibraryWorld. We are now more than 90% complete re-cataloging the library’s holdings in LibraryWorld. The chart on the left will be updated weekly to show how far we've gotten. When the project is done, it will be a lot easier for patrons and library staff to find, borrow, and return all the items in our collection.

Not only will the library staff be able quickly to find any book in our collection, but you will too: the library’s catalog will now be available to patrons on the public access computer in the library so you can look for yourself to see whether we have the title you want. The new catalog will also tell you whether the book you are looking for is on the shelf or out on loan. And the books will be easier to find on the shelves, because we are reorganizing the collection into better categories as we enter all the holdings into LibraryWorld.

One big improvement which you can preview now: you can search our catalog from home on the Internet! Click on the “Library Catalog” link on any page of our website to check it out. You can search the catalog by author, title, and keyword, and can make and print a list of the titles you’re interested in. When we are closer to completing the conversion you will also be able to send an email to request that we hold a title for you, directly from the online catalog.

Come into the library soon to get your new LibraryWorld-enabled CHL library card! At the same time you can make sure we have your up-to-date contact information, including your email address, so that you can get our monthly email newsletter.

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