Cundy's Harbor Library Has Expanded!

In April 2008, construction began on a significant addition to the Cundy’s Harbor Library building. Pictures of the the sequence of work that produced our addition can be found below. Click on any image to see a larger version of it.

Now complete, the new wing has doubled the size of our building. New facilities provided in the addition include an expanded children’s reading room, a public meeting room, and a lavatory. Construction was funded by generous contributions from library patrons, and by grants from the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation, the Bailey Family Foundation, and the William and Mary Greeve Foundation.

The new wing was completed and opened to the public in October, 2008. Exterior painting and landscaping changes were done the following spring and summer of 2009. Spring 2010 saw the completion of renovations with installation of new energy efficient windows in the original portion of the library building. Please come and visit us to see our expanded facility for yourself!

For those of you who missed the excitement of the construction phase, the following pictorial diary (presentd in reverse chronological order) describes the whole process from ground breaking to dedication. Enjoy the read!

Construction Update for November and December, 2008

The new rooms are essentially complete, and we've moved in. While there's still exterior trim work to be done and the outside needs painting (which must wait until Spring), from a library operating point of view the addition is complete. From now on the work will be moving the collections around to use the new space and make the books, audio books, and videos easier to find and use. Come by and see for yourself how nice the addition has made Cundy's Harbor Library!

November, 2008: Children's Area is ready for kids

The new Children's Area on the upper floor of the addition has been furnished, courtesy of the Pejepscot Area Chapter of Altrusa International, and temporary rugs lent by Board member Harriette Griffin (if you would like to donate a permanent rug please contact the Librarian!). Board member Ann Greene and librarian Sam Schwartz have moved the childrens' book and video collections into the new space, shown here on a sunny afternoon:
Table and chairs from Altrusa Juvenile Fiction collection and kids' videos

Construction Update for September and October, 2008

October, 2008: At last, The "First Flush" is a reality!

We are down to the wire now, with the final details falling into place. Now that the floor is in upstairs, the plumber has come back to install the restroom fixtures and kitchenette sink. The carpenters continue working on final trim upstairs, using the downstairs meeting room as a workshop. Final trim also includes the all-important bookshelves. Once upstairs is done, the downstairs can be carpeted and finished.

10/23: Bob Elliott, library patron and famed radio performer, cuts the ribbon to inaugurate the new Cundy's Harbor Library restroom ("I've opened shopping centers and supermarkets but this is a first," he said), then performs the all–important "First Flush". Afterward, Library board members share a joke with Bob before convening the first monthly board meeting in the new addition (around table from left: Denise Deshaies, Harriette Griffin, Sue Hawkes, Jane Applin, Pam Bichrest, Harry Rich, Jody Watson, Ann Greene, Anne Perry; behind camera: librarian Sam Schwartz).
Bob Elliott cuts ribbon Bob Elliott makes First Flush
Bob Elliott and Board Board meeting

10/9: Rob Miller, Bill Beazley, and Dave Skaling put finishing touches on the bookcases and other trim in the upstairs.
Bill adjusts picture book rack Dave glazes restroom door Rob finishes kitchenette

10/8: Dan Burke, the plumber, has installed the upstairs fixtures for the restroom and kitchenette. Here you see him making the final water connections in the cellar, followed by the "drip test" to check for leaks. That's the first-ever inside running water in the Cundy's Harbor Library -- a historic occasion. There's also an outside faucet now so we can water the new shrubs in the garden.
Dan Burke connects water First water in Library Second water in Library Outdoor water for Library

10/2: While we wait for the plumber, Rob Miller, Dave Skaling, Bill Beazley, and Rob's son Farley Miller build and install bookshelves and the restroom sink cabinet.
Dave Skaling plans shelving Dave and Farley build shelf Restroom sink cabinet Bill installs sink cabinet Rob, Bill, Dave, Farley consider problem Farley and Dave fit another shelf

10/2: Jerrod Lozier adds lighting and networking in the lower level meeting room, so that Rob Miller's crew can use it as a workroom while finishing upstairs.
Jerrod Lozier installs lights Jerrod Lozier installs network

September, 2008: It's beginning to look like a library...

Now that the drywall is up and the plaster has dried, completion of the details that will make the new wing usable moves quickly. Members of the Library Board of Directors pitch in to get the new rooms painted so that lighting and networking can be installed, the finished floors can be laid, and final trim (including bookshelves) can be completed.

While noise and dust rule inside, Tom York plants new shrubs outside.
Tom York plants rhododendrons Cousa dogwood by driveway

9/29: With the walls done upstairs, the final floor can go in. Steve, Kevin, and Steve from Floor Systems install oak flooring in the Children's Room, and ceramic tile in the restroom. Ann Greene attends to library business, oblivious to the noise and dust.
Steve installs tile Steve grouts tile Kevin and Steve nail oak Ann Greene ignores noise Floor details Finished oak floor

9/23: Electrician Guy McDorr and his assistant Jerrod Lozier install lighting and finish network and telephone connections.
Guy McDorr hangs lights Jerrod Lozier completes switch

9/18: Painted walls allow Todd Barbour to install window trim and cabinets in the new Children's Room and restroom. Here, Ann Greene and Sam Schwartz remark on progress.
Ann Greene enjoys kitchenette Sam Schwartz approves trim

9/8 – 9/13: Denise and Jerry Deshaies, Ann Greene, Jody Watson, Harriette Griffin, Jane Applin, Sue Hawkes, and Sam Schwartz put primer and finish coats on the upstairs walls. The same crew plus Anne Perry and Berrie Wallace painted the downstairs as well, but we were too busy painting to take pictures!.
Denise Deshaies primes Jerry Deshaies and Ann Greene prime Sam Schwartz primes Sue Hawkes and Jody Watson apply finish coat

Construction milestones from April to August

August, 2008: Interior finishing: the walls are closing in!

Now that all the stuff that goes inside the walls is in place, Chris Goucher takes over to close up the walls by hanging, taping, and compounding the drywall on the upper level of the new wing. Todd Barbour does the same thing on the lower level, and adds a new front door as well.

Chris Goucher at work Upstairs drywall Downstairs drywall New front door

July, 2008: Exterior trim, and beginning of interior finishing

Todd Barbour completed the outside of the new building with siding and trim, a rainshed for the new side door into the lower-level meeting room, and a new handicap-accessible entrance ramp for the front door. Then, he moved indoors to install insulation to get the walls ready for buttoning up with drywall.

New wing siding Side door shed East end trim Repaired siding on old building North side trim New access ramp Main floor insulation Restroom insulation detail

June, 2008: Interior roughing-in

With the exterior framing done and the building enclosed, the focus shifted to interior roughing in. Rough plumbing, wiring, and interior framing begin to show what the new wing will look like as a usable space.

Top floor view Meeting room view New opened to old Restroom flaming

May, 2008: Sanitary field and framing

Once the foundation was in, the addition rapidly took shape as Todd Barbour framed, roofed, and sheathed the new wing, then added windows and entrance door. At the same time, Mike Webber and his crew were installing the septic system, regrading the ground around the building, and restoring basic landscaping with topsoil, a replanted lawn, and mulched planting beds. First phase of the new front entrance deck allowed the library to re-open in early June, while work continued on finishing the roughed-in addition.

Adding windows Adding windows East end, top floor Temporary front entrance Rafters and roofing go on Piers for access ramp Closing in main floor Staking out new front ramp Main floor framing Door to front room goes here Hydroseeding the lawn View to water past new wing Ground floor enclosed Todd Barbour at work Ground floor framing Top floor framing begins Framing work begins Basement wall studs New driveway grading North side graded and mulched New parking area laid out Parking area graded Septic tank installed and covered Regarding for new driveway Digging for septic tank Making sure tank is right place

April, 2008: Excavation and foundation

Mike Webber and his crew (Robert Carter, Brandon Elwell, John Lyons, Scott Webber) began digging on April 7. They cleared away brush, installed a perimeter drain around the existing building to solve wet basement problems, then hammered off granite ledge in the back to make room for the new wing. While the drain trench was open, Scott Temple installed the water line from the well to the basement. Footings, foundation, and basement floor quickly followed with help from Shaedler Forms.

Gravel base for meeting room floor Loam for foundation backfill Temporary front stoop Foundation cut for lower level connecting door Foundation forms up and filled Foundation curing Footing forms Footings curing Pressure tank for well Pressure tank in place Ledge where foundation needs to go Mike Webber breaks ledge Front yard in chaos Scott Webber digs perimeter drain Old foundation revealed Mike Webber and Robert Carter install perimeter drain Drain tubing goes in Drain for building front Scott Temple installs water line from well Well line enters building Robert Carter, Brandon Elwell, John Lyons, and Scott Webber fill the drain trenches Addition goes here Cut here for new wing foundation